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Pam Anthony
Pam Anthony
Pam Anthony
Pam Anthony
Pam Anthony
Pam Anthony
Pam Anthony
Law Enforcement and First Responders

I have a long, proven history of supporting law enforcement. I grew up in a law enforcement family and I know first-hand the sacrifices that these officers and their families make every day. I will work to ensure that our law enforcement and all first responders receive appropriate funding, training and support. I will work to Increase penalties for violent criminals and repeat offenders.

Taxpayers deserve to put more of their hard-earned money in their pocket. That’s why I want to end income tax for pensions and decrease state income taxes to make SC competitive with neighboring states. The Governor signed the largest tax cut in history in 2023, but there is still work to be done.

As an educator and a product of Greenville County Public Schools, I know that we have a long way to go to improve our educational system. We must start now! Our children have been overlooked for far too long. I will push for accountability in school curriculum and to expand school choice. I will also make sure teachers get the pay they deserve and that money makes it into the classrooms, where it belongs.

I will work to ensure that our district gets the funding to improve our infrastructure. We need to fix the roads we have and build the roads we need, and improve our infrastructure - including water and sewer lines and expanding broadband access -  to attract more business to our community.

Veterans represent the true strength of America I will strive to ensure that veterans receive appropriate care of by decreasing their taxes and improving their benefits and resources. 


(Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) practices and CRT (Critical Race Theory) have proven to be problematic across our state - from businesses to classrooms. I will work to restore our state to a place where people are not simply placed into a box, but are valued for their hard work, effort and merit. I will fight to keep our conservative values intact.

Insurance Reform
We need to reduce insurance premiums for small businesses because they are the backbone of our community. We will make SC more competitive with neighboring states who have enacted similar reforms with positive results.

Judicial Selection Reform
To ensure a fair legal system we need to reform the way judges are selected giving citizens the advantage in the event they have to go to court.

Illegal Immigration 

I will defend South Carolina by standing firm against illegal immigration. I will ensure our jobs remain with our local, legal residents and not stolen by illegal immigrants. I will fight for our children to remain safe from illegal drugs such as fentanyl from coming across the border. I will work to make sure no cartels or gangs will call our community home. District 10 will never become a sanctuary city/destination for illegal immigrants.
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